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API Management – the rescue for increasing complexity of API requirements

Nowadays API Management concept and associated tools become a commonly accepted instrument to help organizations publish and consume APIs. The exponential growth of APIs in the IT integration market drives continuously increasing expectations from the API Management tools demanding them to implement features and capabilities beyond the traditional requirements.

In my presentation, I will discuss and demonstrate several typical, practical, and yet challenging problems that API Management tools can help you with, such as API Gateways helping to work with any custom OAuth security, custom API tokens management, and implementation of APIs Circuit Breaker pattern.


What is API Management


Explain and demonstrate that API Management tools have both the capacity and capability to help API Developers with challenging and yet very practical security scenarios, with minimum effort and knowledge of underlying complexities.



Andrew Slivker
Andrew Slivker is a Software Engineer, Architect and Entrepreneur. Through his 30+ years carrier in IT industry, he has worked for several successful startup companies and some large enterprises. He co-founded Nevatech, an innovative API Management software products company, and serves as its Chief Technology Officer since 2011.


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